The Agency

Cavendish House

Misson One - Session One

Mission Outline:

Briefing by Doctor Montague; Two agents completing a standard data recovery sweep have not reported in and are now considered missing. Their vehicle has been recovered from the River Thames. Your field squad is to investigate their disappearance.

Investigative Report:

The forensic report for the vehicle indicates no tampering, all items and fixtures remain intact. The GPS black box for the vehicle covers their standard collection route with a final ‘on route’ report before an extended stop and then a course deviation ending in the river. Mobile phone carrier-network reports for the two agents are also lost at this point. Tracking subsequent vehicle progress from last point of contact via in-situ CCTV in the area reveals a heavily obscured humanoid driving the car via the least observed route to the river location where the car was recovered. Correlation of vehicle course, travel times and CCTV footage gives the probable point of origin as an old boarding house.

Basil X goes to investigate the paper records for the address at the records and municipal facilities. Mohinder begins searching all the electronic records regarding the location. Wilkes prepares a surveillance package to be deployed at a nearby residential address overlooking the target building.

Basil reports that the owners of the building are ‘The Cavendish Trust’ and heads out to locate and information about the owners. Mohinder reports that the building has been growing in size (with no corresponding municipal records) and in is now three stories tall, one prior report from 1906 places the size at only two. The building is officially registered as a ‘Boarding House’. The surveillance package shows signs of four people at the address, none of these match the missing agents, background checks on the four residents also show nothing of interest. Basil returns from his genealogical search, the current manager is one William Cavendish, a gentleman in his 70s.

Basil is making preparations to fake an emergency (Gas Leak) on the street so we can investigate the properties, with uniforms and equipment for the local gas regulation authority. Exterior investigation from the sewer (while setting up the fake gas leak) show that piping has been diverted around the base of the building which now extends two floors underground. Timers are set on the vapour canisters and we return to street level.

Field Report:

We present ourselves at Cavendish House for the purposes of inspection, we are greeted by William Cavendish who allows us entry to check the premises. First floor has two rooms, one occupied by young man in his twenties, the other empty and we proceed upstairs. At the first upstairs room Basil claims to smell the leak and walks into the rooms kitchenette and points at some of the fittings, as soon as Mr Cavendish walks within his range Basil lashes out at him with the gas-meter sending William staggering into the room before it descends into a brawl. Mohinder throws a chair, Bill knocks Cavendish to the floor and Mohinder tries to restrain him but Cavendish grabs him by the neck and stands up with Mohinder as a hostage demanding that we stop attacking.

Basil steps in from behind and kicks Cavendish in the side of the head, Bill steps up and punches past Mohinder striking Cavendish down to his knees while Mohinder sprawls free, spins and topples over trying to kick Cavendish. At this point Cavendish pushes his hands down onto the carpet and the surrounding structure rapidly decays, looking oddly distorted Cavendish states ‘_You shouldn’t have done that_’, screaming is heard from the surrounding rooms. The agents open fire, small arms fire from Bill and Basil seems pass through him, tearing his clothes and spraying blood but the wounds close immediately, Wilkes throws a vial of holy water on Cavendish to no effect, Mohinder steps up and unloads a sawn-off shotgun at point blank, the arm is visibly severed with protruding bone before returning almost immediately to an unharmed state. Cavendish stands and grabs Mohinder who is closest, and snaps his head clean to one side.

Bill leaps down from some surviving furniture, his overhead smash bouncing off Cavendish who appears to act like part of the structure, Basil tries to spear-tackle him out the window to separate him from the structure but likewise is deflected off without apparent affect, Cavendish throws the limp corpse of Mohinder aside. The nearby agents seem to be being physically drained and Cavendish appears impervious to any physical harm the squad can deliver. Wilkes turns from the combat and runs downstairs yelling ‘Abandon Ship’, Theo follows Wilkes down as the brawl continues. Wilkes loads a microwave with some kitchen spray cans, kicks out the stove gas joint and hits the button. Bill has also disengaged and is coming down the stairs, the call to abandon is given again and Bill, Theo and Wilkes exit through the front door as Basil comes through the upper window landing awkwardly in the grounds, the mobile agent collect Basil and are dragging him back to the vehicle as the gas explodes through the house smashing out windows.



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