The Agency

Cavendish House

Mission One - Session Two

The windows of the house are actually broken, but the flames are roiling inside the structure without coming out the windows. The top story of the building collapses as Basil is carried to the van. Theo administers First Aid as the remaining agents decide to retreat to base for debrief and consultation with their supervisor. Before they drive off, another story of the house collapses downward leaving the house only 1 story tall. No indication of what might be happening underground.

As the van pulls into the Agency compound Doctor Montague is waiting to greet them as well as Mohinder. It should be stated at this point that Monhinders has the ability to return to a host body upon the death of his present vessel, the Agency has several clones on hand for this purpose. Mohinder reports that after the death of his previous vessel he was able to observe a large ‘presence’ in the basement of the house (which has some kind of connection/link with Cavendish) which tried to draw him in before he returned. Montague reports that the entire structure has vanished leaving a two story hole, the surveillance equipment shows a large humanoid emerging from the pit with a stone table and walking off. Mohinder tracks the man via CCTV in the area, probable destination is believed to be a heavily populated nearby train station. The likely consequences of the application of the entities known powers in such a heavily populated area could be catastrophic.

The squad is granted access to a helicopter to approach the scene given the gridlock that has developed (rush hour). Basil is loaned a small artefact (a jade frog) which seems to let him function even in his wounded state, the consequences of accruing further injury are not revealed. Given Cavendish’s new strength the agents devise the use of a river launch with the idea of harpooning the figure and using the launch to tow him downriver where Bill will be waiting in ambush with an RPG to physically incapacitate (even momentarily) him so he can be separated from the stone.

We meet the river launch at the bridge and Suil attached the lanyard to a harpoon, as Cavendish approaches Suil steps out and throws the harpoon slaying a nearby taxi tire, Cavendish retrieves the harpoon and Suil escapes by leaping down into the river, Cavendish tries to impale Suil as he’s being recovered by the launch but misses and drives the harpoon into the decking. We will now need to confront Cavendish directly before he can gain entry to the train station and the helicopter picks Suil, Basil and Bill up from the boat and the Agents are inserted at the nearby train station.

Wilkes rings the fire-alarm at the station to try and clear as much of the populace as possible, Mohinder hijacks a taxi while Bill, Basil and Suil take up positions at the end of the street towards the bridge, Theo is setting up some gas launch hypodermics. Mohinder guns the stolen taxi at the advancing Cavendish, missing him completely and smashing into a nearby bridge pillar. A bemused Cavendish reaches through the smashed window and hefts Mohinder aloft by his neck again. The other agents see Mohinder and Cavendish talking.

Radio Excerpt: Agent Bill XX/XX/XXXX, 16:14: ‘_Well, he’ll be back_’

Agents report Cavendish is hit dead centre by Bills RPG round throwing the table across the bridge, no recognisable section of Mohinder remains. Momentary confusion reigns as no warning had been given, still Suil and Basil approach the still moving form of Cavendish (torso, head and one arm) and begin to subdue it.

Mohinder calls from his new body and states that Cavendish is feeding off the stone. Wilkes approaches the fallen stone and calls in the waiting helicopter. Suil and Basil continue to attack the rapidly regenerating Cavendish (Suil manages to spear him in both eyes impeding his attacks) as Wilkes secures the lifting cable and the helicopter lifts the table away from the scene and heads north out of the city. As the distance between Cavendish and the stone grows the regeneration slows and he switches to defending himself at which point Theo steps forward and administers a large dose of paralysing agent via his needle gun. As much of Cavendish as can be recovered is unceremoniously collected and carted to the bridge steps, agents board the waiting river launch for return to base.


The remaining section of Cavendish is well animated and he continues to make various threats against us and the Agency. Suil severs the head from the torso, thereafter the head mouths obscenities and glares balefully at anyone in it’s presence. Suil requests a piece of Cavendish’s brain (apparently to eat) so he can know what he’s thinking. An iron lung is attached to the severed head so Cavendish for the purposes of interrogation, resulting information is as follows

*The stone is the remains of a sacrificial altar
*Cavendish is approximately 3500 years old and helped with the altars construction
*The stone is capable of storing ‘energy’ (not quantified)
*When the stone became ‘full’, Cavendish started forming the additional energy into the house
*A translation of the symbols on the altar (including corrections)
*Has powers of Obfuscation and Mind Control, alludes to other spells (not quantified)

Cavendish petitions to be held as a prisoner, offering his knowledge in exchange for continued existence. Command review on this matter is pending.



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