The Agency

Kent Anomaly

Mission Two - Session One

Mission Outline:

Briefing by Doctor Montague; A large atmospheric anomaly has appeared over a town in Kent. It appears to be centred over an experimental physics lab in the area. Satellite and surveillance footage shows a dark swirling mass with rapid discharge of lightning.

Investigative Report:

Directory shows the labs to be the Kent Applied Particle Physics and Associates (KAPPA Labs). The town has an estimated population of slightly over 5000 but all contact with the area has been lost, the are no heat or electrical signals visible on the reconnaissance images.

Field Report:

Field squad deployed in hardened APC, on road approach multiple vehicles visible, no occupants. All vehicles appears to have coasted off the road, all the vehicles and items remaining (phones, iPods etc) are all drained of power although otherwise unharmed. As the APC approaches town a single figure is seen exiting a building, agents give chase on foot but even with his backpack he manages to stay ahead even after pausing to shake a white and blue cube at his pursuers , when this has no apparent effect he continues to flee. Theo and Wilkes return to the APC to give chase while Suil, Basil and Bill continue the persuit on foot.



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