Montgomery Wilkes

A gruff and intractable field agent

Background Monster Hunter Gift True Faith
Culture 21st Century Human Gift Strong Will
  Flaw Implacable
Ability Rank Speciality Special Rank
Agricultural Fair  
Animals Fair Dogs Good
Artistic Fair Aesthetics Good
Disguise Device Good
Covert Poor Sneak Cigarette Good
Sneak Swig Good
Intellectual Good Belief systems Good
Belief systems Good
History Good
Religion Good
Occult Great
Logic Good
Kinaesthetic Fair Cross−country Good
Martial Good Archaic Weapons Good
Customised Weaponry Great
Medical Fair Apothecary Good
Mercantile Fair Antiquities Good
Perceptual Fair Deduce weakness Good
Spot Change Good
Physical Fair  
Quotidian Fair  
Scientific Fair Materials Good
Social Fair  
Spiritual Good Philosophy Good
Religion Good
Rituals Great
Technical Great Actuation Good
Armourer Good
Artificer Superb
Engineering Good
Explosives Good
Locks Good
Resolve Mechanism Good
Urban Good Contacts Great
Scrounge Good
Streetwise Good
Wilderness Fair  

That’s Mr Wilkes to you” making a perfunctory sweep at the room, his shoulders slump downcast momentarily “only me mother gets to call me Montgomery.

I’m a murderer you know, a convicted killer, ignorant toffy wigged bastards, ‘the court does not believe in ghouls and goblins Mr Wilkes’ ” he barks out in mock withering pomposity. “Started out in the seminary you know, they tell yee about the sins, and people talking in tongues, and how everything is either the work or god or demons, and well, that just seemed a bit crap really, too many stuff-shirts flying it about as an excuse for their own crap these days, ‘ohhh satan made me do it’ ” waving his hands about theatrically “they’ll cry, but they can’t look themselves in the face that lot, lying wastrels. Funny thing about that all was when I started talking about it to the Rector, and he’s all ‘oh, that’s all old metaphors my son’, my arse it is, I couldn’t lie about it, kicked me out in the end when I wouldn’t renounce it

Followed some of it around, weird murders, strange groups, whole quiet communities behind briar hedges that wouldn’t talk to anyone, found some in the end, whole town under the thumb” Wilkes pauses for a second swigging from his hip flask “Dragged one of the sleepers out eventually, took some doing though, he was strong, crazy like, nearly ripped the cuffs in half, went mad outside, wrecked up my Jeep trying to pull free, burned up right there in the end trying to pull the whole mess into a barn, three ton just scraping across the ground like a crazy kids sled

After that one, well, no time left, and proof enough in front of me, regulars trying to stop me in the streets all confused like, but I still got in and staked a bunch of them, ha! Police weren’t too happy though, said I’d burned the Mayor alive and murdered all those people” Wilkes shrugs “Locked me up they did, for all the good that did them, I’m still in there I think, officially at least. Looks like me, smiles a bit when me people visit, wanders around, nice wee bit of trickery from these folks” jerking his thumb over his shoulder “still think I’m all tucked up, nice and safe in the loony bin with the other weirdoes while I’m out here.

Oh, I’ll give you it’s not all black and white, not everything I found was a monster, some are victims too in their own way. I’ve seen more humanity from a vampire than some of the human scum the walk around out there, so you never can tell. Of course, for every one of those, there’s like to be a hundred more who likes the murdering and the blood, and is just as like to run through the streets wearing your head as a hat as look at you. Them, those bastards, that’s what I’m after, normal people don’t deserve that, then again, normal people can’t live with the likes of me either, doing what needs doing, they can’t stomach it, brains can’t take it, so here I am, between them and that, not like to ever get any thanks but well, that’s me

Montgomery Wilkes

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